Noise Ordinance in Danville, CA: What You Need to Know

It is illegal to make a loud, unnecessary, or unusual noise that disturbs the peace or tranquility of a neighborhood or causes discomfort to a reasonably sensitive person in Danville, CA. The city's Municipal Code does not address dogs that bark, so if you have an issue with a noisy pet, you should contact Contra Costa County Animal Services (CCCAS). They have a loud animal complaint form that you must complete and submit. You can reach CCCAS at 925-335-8300 or visit their website for more information.

Leash laws are also enforced by CCCAS in Danville's parks. Davidon Homes has proposed a project called The Magee Preserve, which would develop 29 acres (7%) of the 410-acre site with 69 single-family homes and seven attached secondary housing units. The remaining 93% of the site would be reserved as permanent open space. However, the property is currently privately owned by the Magee family and has development rights based on the General Plan and zoning regulations established before the city was incorporated. The proposed rezoning would transfer all development rights from 410 acres to just 29 acres, while preserving the remaining 381 acres as permanent open space.

Federal law prohibits cities from considering health impacts when taking action in relation to a wireless application if it complies with the radio frequency levels established by the FCC. The city has also purchased land at 279 Front Street and improved the efficiency of the Village Theater's parking design, increasing the number of spaces from 70 to 200. If you have any concerns related to parking control officers, contact the Police Department at 925-314-3700. For non-emergency issues, call 925-820-2144 to have an officer contact you to schedule an appointment. The Village Theater parking improvement project will increase public parking for users and customers in downtown Danville. You can also pick up an activity guide at the Danville Community Center, Senior Center, or City Library.

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